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Teenageren gjorde sig usynlig under kakkelbordet, da pigen åndede på gentlemanden.

1 March 2015
Written by please visit
You can find indoor and outside kinetic sculptures, light sculptures, blowing wind sculptures and mulberry sculptures of large and monumental size.
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Laudabile e valente initiativa
18 February 2014
Written by Roberto Capuzzo (robocap)
Vostre initiativa adressa un thema critic de hodie, specialmente inter le juvenes, e illo lo face con un puncto de vista innovative. Ego desira a vos un grande successo :)
an essential project
25 August 2012
Written by a grown up kid
I am very excited by your project. In my own experience I have had depression since childhood. It is only now I realise that rather than 'having depression' I have had low self-esteem since childhood, which has affected all my decisions large and small, with often disastrous results, reinforcing the sense of low self-worth. For me I have been treating the 'symptom' of depression but not addressing the cause, low self-esteem. I applaud any project that helps youth identify negative thinking patterns surrounding their abilities, worth and potential. I like the fact that this is non-prescriptive, allowing room for interpretation, and I hope it helps many, many youths to be independent and positively aware, of self and others.
7 March 2012
Written by Steffen
Hej Folks,
I like your initiative. It's really great. Wish you a lot of success!
Awesome idea!
25 June 2011
Written by Frankie
Great to spread - worldwide :)

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