Self Confidence

At a time of alarming unemployment rates among young
people all over the world it is important to give them tools
to create a better life. Societies expect and reward initiative,
independence, openness and self-confi dence. This is true all
the way from pre-schoolers to prime ministers. The community
spirit, the value of the each individual’s contribution to
the common good and the necessity of feeling wanted and
needed are also elements that need to be present in order to
create whole individuals.
Self-confi dence is a good tool and forms a good basis for a
multicultural dialogue – talking to each other and not about
each other. All people are important, so anybody who is ‘outside’
for one reason or another needs to regain his or her selfconfi
Ways to Self-Confi dence insists on each individual’s belief in
himself or herself and value to others.
Stig Elliot Nyegaard

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