In Denmark you find people from more than 100 nations. Common for all of them is the necessity of a strong self confidence, which can give them belief of the challenges of the future. Through a good self esteem your confidence grows and the “law of self confidence”, which is a reversed “Jantelov”,

(“Jante Law” by Aksel Sandemose : Generally used colloquially as a sociological term to negatively describe an attitude towards individuality and success common in Scandinavia, the term refers to a mentality which refuses to acknowledge individual effort and places all emphasis on the collective, while punishing those who stand out as achievers.The term may often be used negatively by individuals who more or less rightfully feel they are not allowed to take credit for their achievements, or to point out their belief that another person is being overly critical.)

 shows 10 paths to “self confidence” – through the 10 commandments of self confidence in different languages.

The purpose of this project is to support the many young people who live in Holbæk, so they can gain more trust in themselves and through this a more active life. A large amount of self confidence simply increases every single persons possibilities to achieve education and employment which in these years is decisive because of the increasing number of youth unemployment. The project also has the purpose to start the multicultural dialog. To speak to each other and not of each other! From the beginning the project has been very well received and an impressive number of sponsors have kindly been giving their contribution to make this possible.

The project starts off in the district of Holbæk but it is the hope of this project group – and we will do everything we can – that this project can spread to all over the country – and further more across the Danish borders. The materiel of until now more than 45 languages is freely accessible on the website. Everybody is welcome to download and print exactly as they want to. We hope that many people feel the need to spread the message through their network – and if you meet a person who can’t find the law of self confidence in exactly their language, please carry on the consumption to contact Stig Elliot Nyegaard, who kindly will take on a dialog on how it is possible to do so.

It is our sincere hope that through this project, a large number of people give the importance of self confidence and self esteem a shout out – in advantage of as many as possible. It is our hope that schools, societies, clubs and every other network will embrace this project. All the best – in the pursuit of self confidence        

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